MSc. O. Beketova-Hummel


After graduating from the College of the Canyons (Santa Clarita, California) in Mathematics, Biological and Physical Sciences, Olga Beketova-Hummel transferred to the University of California, Davis, where she obtained her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Geology. Her focus areas were Computational Geology and Geophysics, with research projects ranging from applications in earthquake mechanics to paleobiology.

Outside the university, Olga has professional experience in the housing industry, 3D image processing and digital material modelling, and biotechnology.

Olga is interested in cluster analysis, stochastic patterns, propagation mechanisms and computational modelling.


Olga’s research is focused on the effects of biological deterioration on wood properties, with subtopics including:

  • Spatiotemporal distribution of bacterial and fungal colonies in wooden foundation piles
  • Detection, measuring and monitoring of biological decay
  • Effects of biological decay on local structural and mechanical properties of wooden piles

The research supports a larger project with the city of Amsterdam, which is dedicated to modelling the service life of existing, historical wooden foundation piles.

Olga Beketova-Hummel

PhD Candidate

Engineering Structures

Biobased Structures and Materials