Em. prof. dr. ir. J.C. Walraven

Professor Joost Walraven studied Civil Engineering at TU Delft and got his MSc in 1972. He was employed as a researcher at the Stevin Laboratory directly after his study and got his PhD degree in 1980 for the thesis: “Aggregate Interlock: an experimental and theoretical analysis”. He worked as a design engineer for Corsmit Consulting Engineers in The Hague from 1981 to 1985. He was appointed professor of Concrete Structures at the German University of Darmstadt in 1985. In 1989 he started as a professor of Concrete Structures at TU Delft.

Professor Walraven carried out research in many areas, like shear, punching, crack width control, creep and shrinkage of concrete, rotation capacity of concrete structures and the behaviour of precast concrete structures. Moreover he focused on the development of new types of concrete and their application, like high strength concrete, self-compacting concrete, high performance fibre concrete and low binder concrete. Additionally he carried out research on the residual bearing capacity of existing concrete bridges.

Professor Walraven was author and co-author of about 500 publications in scientific and professional journals and conference proceedings. Up to now he was promoter of 31 PhD’s in The Netherlands and 5 in Germany and was co-promotor of 20 PhD’s in Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

He was president of the International Concrete Federation fib from 2000 -2002. Moreover he was chairman of the Project Team responsible for writing the Eurocode 2 “Concrete Structures”, which was published 2004. He was convenor of the commission which wrote the fib Model Code for Concrete Structures 2010.

Actually he is chairman of the of the fib Task Groups 3.2 “Modelling of structural performance of existing concrete structures” and 4.2  “Ultra High Performance Fibre Concrete”.

Several distinctions and awards

  • 1991 Swedish Concrete Award for outstanding contributions to the development of precast concrete
  • 1998 fib Medai of Merit for excellent contributions to the development of prestressed concrete
  • 2001 Distinction "A Heart for Concrete" - German concrete days, Ulm
  • 2002 Medal of Merit University of Cracow to appreciate world-wide achievements in the field of concrete structures
  • 2002 Honorary President of fib - as a recognition for successful presidency
  • 2003 Honorful Recognition 3nd internationale symposium on Self-Compacting Concrete, Reykjavic, for outstanding constributions to the development and world-wide promotion of the technology of self-compacting concrete
  • 2005 TU Delft Distinguished Teacher Award - Annual Award for the best teacher of TU Delft
  • 2008 Award "Acknowledgement of Great Personalities in Engineering" attributed by the Collegio dei Tecnici della Industriallizazzione Edilizia
  • 2009 Medal of Honour, Dutch Concrete Society
  • 2009 Doctorate of Honour, University of Kassel, Germany
  • 2010 Award for Stimulating Research and Application of Self-Compacting Concrete, 6th international RILEM Symposium on Design, Production and placement of Sel-Compacting Concrete, Montreal, Canada
  • 2012 Honorary member of Dutch Concrete Society
  • 2013 Honorary Professor, University of Shenzhen, China
  • 2014 fib Freyssinet Medal for outstanding contributions in the field of structural concrete
  • 2017 Doctorate of honour, University of Sczceczin Stettin, Poland

Actuele chairmanships

  • fib Taskgroep 3.2 "Modelling of structural performance of existing concrete structures"
  • fib Taskgroep 4.2 "Ultra high performance fibre concrete"
  • NEN (Netherlands Institute for Normalisation): Working Group "Design and assessment of buildings under seismic conditions"

Some recent conference presentations

  • fib Symposium Maastricht, The Netherlands “Codes of practice: burden or inspiration?”Juni 2017
  • IPHA Technical Seminar, “In-plane behaviour of hollow core slab systems” Tallin, Latvia, October 2017
  • Conferentie "Damage in concrete structures" (AwarieBudowlane): "Forensic engineering: need for a professional profile", Miedzyzdroje, Poland, May 2017
  • CCX Central Europe 2018 ”Self-compacting-fibre concrete” Ossa, Poland
  • ACI Conference “Sustained loading effects in concrete members without shear reinforcement”, Salt Lake City USA, March 2018
  • fib UK Disc2018, “High performance fibre concrete: on the way to full acceptance”, Londen, November 2018

Joost Walraven