Structures Laboratory

The construction laboratory research into the properties of materials and structures of steel, concrete, timber and fiber-reinforced plastics. Facilities include high performance dynamic and static test floors. Specimens can be load both statically and dynamically to 10,000kN. Among the 10 tons overhead crane structures can be tested up to 40 m long, 20 m wide and 8.5 m high.

An overview of the mechanical test equipment is availble at

  • Other facilities include:10 air- conditioned rooms at different climate
  • A concrete molding workshopA concrete drilling and sawing workshop
  • An arrangement for the testing of hardening concreteare subjected to temperature and regimes imposed deformations
  • Various devices to monitor concrete properties (both in the hardening and in the hardened phase
  • A dying room for wood
  • An infrared spectrometer

Heavy duty "custom made" arrangements can be built by using special meccano subframe elements.