BSc courses

From the group Pavement Engineering the following BSc courses are provided:

CTB3320 Weg- en Railbouwkunde
This course is divided in 4 parts.

Part A:
Design philosophies with respect functional and geometric design of roads. Road categories. Road capacity and level-of-service. Design criteria and variables. Design of horizontal and vertical alignment and cross sections. Solutions for junctions and ramps. Bicycle tracks and lanes. Parking facilities. Traffic Management. Urban ring roads. Traffic control. Countermeasures against traffic congestion.

Part B:
Railway categories. Train dynamic. Track capacity. Geometrical design of tracks. Cant. Track connections and crossings. Design of marshalling yards en freight terminals.

Part C:
Surface characteristics, evenness, skid resistance, noise. Soil classification, embankments. Behaviour under repeated loads of road building materials (unbound, stabilisations, asphalt, concrete). Design of asphalt, concrete and small element pavements. Construction techniques.

Part D:
Principles of wheel-rail contact. Train loadings. Interaction railway track-train car. Temperature effects. Full track analysis. Maintenance, rehabilitation and new structures. Construction techniques.

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CT3295-19 Minor Bend and Break Asphalt

This course is part of the Minor Bend and Break course, in which you are presented with six design problems in the areas of ā€‹ā€‹materials and structures (namely recycling materials, beton, asphalt, tensegrity, glass, and railway). You will work together in a group to design and build solutions. You will get hands-on experience by building constructions, which will then be tested until failure. Also, there are lectures and seminars on analytical and numerical models to predict test results.

Bend & Break Asphalt teaches you how to apply multi-layer pavement analysis theory, how to determine physical and mechanical properties of asphalt concrete and what is important to achieve a good pavement design. In addition, you will experience making your own asphalt samples.

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