Graduate Students Engage in Cutting-Edge Epoxy Asphalt Project on N837 in Gelderland

NL-LAB Project Workshop: Machine Learning Study on Pavement Performance Prediction

KPE-CEAB Project's Second Workshop Explores Advanced Asphalt Binder Characterization and Evaluation Methods

Chinese-Dutch special Zoom session

Section of pavement engineering successfully organized a Chinese-Dutch special Zoom session on October 19, 2020, on the topic of “Innovative Sustainable Pavement Technologies”. This special session involved people from government agencies, research institutes and industries. 

GLD and Industry grant

-Congratulations to Xueyan and others with obtaining the industry grant on: Innovative Cold in Place Recycling for Surface Asphalt Concrete (ICiPRe) 

-Also congratulations to him and others with obtaining the GLD grant on: Epoxy Modified Asphalt Concrete (EpoxAC)

Congratulations Dr. Liu!

On 10 March 2020, Dr. Liu submitted a proposal to the Science Diplomacy Fund (SDF), entitled ‘Chinese-European Workshop on functional pavements for better urban infrastructure’ (file number: 483.20.011).  The Executive Board of NWO has decided to offer him a grant for his proposed activity.  This proposal was given a qualification of very good.

The Pavement Engineering Section participated in the exposition on innovation at RWS

Guest Fulbright scholar