Mr. Eli A. Martinez-Streignard


A strong affiliation for Chemical Engineering and Computer Aided Simulation has made me eager to reach a combination between the two. Several research projects have given me expertise on cross-linking experimental and simulated results. An ability to program (Fortran, Python) has allowed me to develop standalone, user-friendly applications that go from predicting properties at the molecular- crystalline level (Ab-Initio DFT & M.D.) to designing & optimizing functioning scaled-up systems.

Academic Background

Chemical Engineering, American University of Beirut

Professional Experience

3 years as an Engineering Consultant at Damson Energy group in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Research Interests

•   Computational research
•   Molecular Dynamics and atomistic simulations
•   Force field design and optimization
•   Quantum Mechanical calculations
•   Prediction of material properties using computational methods
•   Rheology and interfacial behavior of viscoelastic compounds

Mr. Eli A. Martinez-Streignard

PhD candidate

Engineering Structures

Pavement Engineering