Mw. Greet Leegwater


I have obtained my Master degree in 2006 at the TU Delft and am now a part-time PhD candidate at the pavement engineering group since 2013. I also work at TNO. Most of the work at TNO is focuses on prolonging the service life while reducing the environmental impact of roads.


In my PhD project I aim to increase the understanding of the process of healing of asphalt with the ultimate goal of formulating a predictive material model for the healing potential of asphaltic material, based on parameters determined in the lab. In my work I have designed a new test set-up that is allows to study different aspects of healing.

  • G.A. Leegwater, A. Scarpas & S.M.J.G. Erkens (2018) The influence of boundary conditions on the healing of bitumen, Road Materials and Pavement Design, 19:3, 571-580, DOI: 10.1080/14680629.2018.1418720
  • Leegwater, G., Komačka, J., Liu, G., Nielsen, E., & Remišovab, E. (2014, April). Technical performance and benefits of recycling of reclaimed asphalt containing polymer modified binder into premium surface layers. In Transport Research Arena (TRA) 5th Conference: Transport Solutions from Research to Deployment. 
  • Keijzer, E. E., Leegwater, G. A., de Vos-Effting, S. E., & de Wit, M. S. (2015). Carbon footprint comparison of innovative techniques in the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure in The Netherlands. Environmental Science & Policy, 54, 218-225.

Greet Leegwater

  • +31 6 19616630
  • Section of Pavement Engineering

    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

    Delft University of Technology

    Stevinweg 1

    2628 CN Delft

    The Netherlands

    Room: S2 1.58

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