Steel Structures 3 (4 ECTS)

Course Contents
Types of composite action between steel and concrete.
Application of composite beams and properties of shear connectors.
Simply supported beams with full strength shear connection and partial strength shear.connection.
Statically indeterminate composite beams and shear force.
Calculation according to the elastic and plastic theory.
Calculation of deflections and cracks in concrete.

Application and execution of composite steel concrete slabs.
Verification of the bearing capacity in the ultimate limit state.
Calculations of the deflections in the serviceability limit state.
Design tables.

Application and principles of calculation of composite steel concrete columns.
Capacity of a composite steel concrete column under compression and relative slenderness.
Composite steel concrete column under compression and bending/bi-axial bending.

Joints in composite steel concrete structures (design and shapes, calculation).
Fire resistance of composite steel concrete structures (beams, columns, floors).

Plate buckling of stiffened plates and unstiffened plates.
Linear elastic plate buckling theory, stress reduction method, post critical strength and effective width method.

Special beams (plate girders and cold formed sections).

Component method for bolted joints.

Study Goals
Understanding the behavior of composite elements like beams, columns and floors, plated structures and cold formed sections.
Being able to determine the structural safety of the above mentioned structures.

Expected prior knowledge
CIE 4115 Steel Structures 2