Capita Selecta Steel and Aluminum Structures (3 ECTS)

Course Contents

Steel part (general):
Several failures are analyzed and lessons to be learned are discussed.
Safety  requirements of steel structures.
Choice of advance stability topics to illustrate design beyond the current Eurocodes
Towers for wind turbines: design , fabrication and execution.
Stability and strength of towers and connections
Sustainability of steel structures, LCA, databases and regulations

Properties and application of different alloys.
Aluminum p[products and examples of structures in aluminum.
Design and calculation of structures in aluminum.
Fatigue and fire resistance of aluminum structures.

Study Goals
As a result, the student should be able to:

  1. Understand the material properties of different steel and aluminum grades and qualities for structural applications; also how to determine this properties.
  2. Knowledge of fabrication techniques as applied in the workshop during fabrication and execution on site  especially for towers for wind turbines.
  3. Understand methods beyond the standards for use in demanding structures.
  4. Understand requirements to facilitate cost effective structures in fabrication and execution stage.
  5. Understand Life Cycle Assessment and sustainability performance of steel structures
  6. Understand main characteristics of structures made of aluminum. 

Expected prior knowledge
For this course a good understanding of structural mechanics and connection design as in the lectures of CIE4115 Steel Structures 2, is imperative.