Hagar El Bamby


Hagar obtained her bachelor in civil engineering and her master's degree in structural engineering from TU Delft. Her master's research focused on experimental and numerical investigations on the structural performance of mild and high strength steel welded rectangular hollow section (RHS) X-joints.


Hagar currently continues her master's research on the tensile behaviour of mild and high strength steel welded RHS X-joints.

Hagar continues her master's research on the tensile behaviour of mild and high strength steel welded RHS X-joints. Experimental tests are conducted on a total of 18 X-joint made of steel grade S355, S500 and S700 are tested. The experiments are supported by a preliminary numerical simulations to supplement the test data. In addition to the investigation of the tensile behaviour of the X-joints, the applicability of the material reduction factors introduced in the design strength equations of HSS joints in EN1993-1-8:2020 for steel grades of S355, S500 and S700 is evaluated. It is worthy to note that these factors are developed based on a limited number of experiments. Previous research investigations have revealed that the reduction factors prescribed EN-1993-1-8:2020 for steels up to 700 might be too conservative. Therefore, in this research the suitability of these factors are evaluated.

Parallel with the full-scale joint experiments, experimental tests on material level are carried out on butt-welded coupon specimens to investigate the tensile behaviour of butt-welded joints made of steel grade S355, S500, and S700. From the test results, the post-weld strength of the butt-welded specimens and the material properties of the weld and the HAZ are obtained. These properties are used in the numerical simulation of the RHS-X-joints to accurately predict the tensile behaviour of the X-joints.

  • CIE4115: Steel Structures 2
  • CIE4121: Steel Structures 3
  • CIE5122: Capita selecta steel and Aluminium structures
  • CTB2220-14: Concrete and steel structures

Yan, R., El Bamby, H., Veljkovic, M., Xin, H., & Yang, F. (2021). A method for identifying the boundary of regions in welded coupon specimens using digital image correlation. Materials and Design, 210, [110073]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matdes.2021.110073

Hagar El Bamby

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