Prof.dr. M. Veljkovic


Professor of Steel and Composite Structures, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2015 - present.
Professor and Head of Steel Structure, LuleÄ University of Technology (LTU), Sweden, 2007-2015.
Senior Lecturer,  Division of Steel Structures, LTU, Sweden, 2003-2007.
Lecturer, Division of Steel Structures, LTU, Sweden, 1997-2003.
Doctoral student, LTU, Sweden, 1994-1996.
Research Engineer, LTU, Sweden, 1991-1993.
Assistant of Professor, Dep. of Civil Engineering, University in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 1985-1991.

Member of the board of Civil Engineering Department, LTU, 2000-2002.
Director of a research school,  Innovative technology and management, LTU, 2003-2005.   
Director of Centre for Risk analysis and Risk Management, LTU, 2005-2015.
Director of Program for Fire Protection Engineers, LTU, 2005-2014.

ESTEP, European Steel Technological Platform, WG3 Construction Member, 2006 - present.
ECCS, European Convention of Constructional Steelwork, vice-chairman of Technical Management Board, 2009 - 2013.
ECCS, European Convention of Constructional Steelwork, chairman of Technical Management Board, 2013 - present.
ECCS, Management Working Group, 2009 - present.  
JVTC, LuleÄ Railway Research Center, Member of the board, LTU, 2012 - 2015
SBI, The Swedish Institute of Steel Construction Member of the board (supleant), 2007 - 2015

Member of Swedish Technical Committee for Standardisation, TK188 and TK203;
Member of European Standardization committee CEN250/SC3 Steel Structures and Standardization committee CEN250/SC4 Composite Structures

Educational activities

  • CIE4115 Steel Structures II
  • CT5122 Capita Selecta Steel and Aluminum Structures
  • CT5126 Fatigue

Key publications

  • JovaĆĄević, S, Correia, JAFO, Pavlović, M, Rebelo, C, De Jesus, AMP, Veljkovic, M, da Silva, LS, 2016, 'Global fatigue life modelling of steel half-pipes bolted connections', Procedia Engineering, vol 160, pag 278-284, Elsevier
  • Tran, AT, Veljkovic, M, Rebelo, C, da Silva, LS, 2016, 'Resistance of cold-formed high strength steel circular and polygonal sections - Part 2: Numerical investigations', Journal of Constructional Steel Research, volume 125, pag 227-238, Elsevier
  • Matos, RP, Pinto, PL, Rebelo, CS, GervĂĄsio, HS, Veljkovic, M, 2016, 'Improved design of tubular wind tower foundations using steel micropiles', vol.12 editie 3 pag. 1038-1050, Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, Taylor & Francis
  • Koltsakis, EK, Noury, P, Veljkovic, M, 2016, 'The Contact Problem of Roller Bearings: Investigation of Observed Failures', vol 28, ed 3, pag 207-215, Structural Engineering International, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering
  • Veljkovic, M, Rebelo, C, Pavlovic, M, 2016, 'Land-based supporting structures for wind energy converters', Metal Structures, Proceedings of the XIII International Conference on Metal Structures (ICMS2016, Zielona GĂłra, Poland, 15-17 June 2016)
  • Tran, AT, Veljkovic, M, Rebelo, C, da Silva, LS, 2016, 'Resistance of cold-formed high strength steel circular and polygonal sections - Part 1: Experimental investigations', Journal of Constructional Steel Research, volume 120, pag 245-257, Elsevier
  • Hauke, B, Kuhnhenne, M, Lawson, RM, Veljkovic, M, 2016, 'Sustainable steel buildings: a practical guide for structures and envelopes', Chichester, UK : John Wiley & Sons
  • Ribeiro, J, Santiago, A, Rigueiro, C, Barata, P, Veljkovic, M, J 2016, 'Numerical assessment of T-stub component subjected to impact loading', Engineering Structures 106, 450-460, Elsevier
  • Veljkovic, M, et all, High steel tubular towers for wind turbines (HISTWIN2), European Commission Research Fund for Coal and Steel, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, 2015, EUR 27226 EN
  • Pavlovic, M, Heistermann, C, Veljkovic, M, Pak, D, Feldmann, M, Rebelo, C & SimĂ”es da Silva, L 2015, 'Connections in towers for wind converters: part I: Evaluation of down-scaled experiments' Journal of Constructional Steel Research, vol 115, s. 445-457., 10.1016/j.jcsr.2015.09.002
  • Pavlovic, M, Heistermann, C, Veljkovic, M, Pak, D, Feldmann, M, Rebelo, C & SimĂ”es da Silva, L 2015, 'Connections in towers for wind converters: Part II: The friction connection behaviour' Journal of Constructional Steel Research, vol 115, s. 458-466., 10.1016/j.jcsr.2015.05.009
  • Iqbal, N, Heistermann, T, Veljkovic, M, Lopes, F, Santiago, A & da Silva, LS, 2015, 'Numerical Study of Steel Beams in Sub-frame Assembly Validation of Existing Hand Calculation Procedures', Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, vol 6, nr 2, 4, s. 123-140.
  • Heistermann, T, Koltsakis, E, Veljkovic, M, Lopes, F, Santiago, A & da Silva, LS 2015, 'Initial stiffness evaluation of reverse channel connections in tension and compression' Journal of Constructional Steel Research, vol 114, 4268, s. 119-128., 10.1016/j.jcsr.2015.07.006
  • Matos, R, Pinto, PL, Rabelo, C, da Silva, LS & Veljkovic, M, 2015, 'Cyclic performance of single and group micropiles on loose sand'. i M Iskander, MT Suleiman, JB Anderson & DF Laefer (red), Front Matter: IFCEE 2015. American Society of Civil Engineers, s. 1751-1763. Geotechnical Special Publications, , 10.1061/9780784479087.159
  • Richter, C, Pak, D, Feldmann, M & Veljkovic, M, 2015, 'Untersuchungen zur statischen Effizienz polygonaler und kreisförmiger StahltĂŒrme fĂŒr Windenergieanlagen' Stahlbau, vol 84, nr 12, s. 1004–1009., 10.1002/stab.201510342
  • Andrade, P, Veljkovic, M, Feldmann, M, Pak, D, Pyschny, D & Lundholm, J 2014, 'Design and execution of a 3D modular building'. i R Landolfo & FM Mazzolani (red), Eurosteel 2014: 7th European Conference on Steel and Composite Structures. European Convention for Constructional Steelwork, ECCS, Brussels, Belgium, s. 103-104.
  • Byström, A, Sjöström, J, Wickström, U, Lange, D & Veljkovic, M, 2014, 'Large scale test on a steel column exposed to localized fire' Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, vol 5, nr 2, s. 147-160., 10.1260/2040-2317.5.2.147
  • Feldmann, M, Naumes, J, Pak, D, Veljkovic, M, Eriksen, J, Popa, N, Hechler, O & Seidl, G 2012, Economic and durable design of composite bridges with integral abutments (INTAB+). European Commission, Luxembourg. EUR Scientific and Technical Research series, , 10.2777/16219

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  • FRAMEUP, Optimization of frames for effective assembling, RFSR-CT-2011-00035, 2011-2014
  • AEOLUS4FUTURE,  H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014, Innovative Training Networks (ITN), Marie Sklodovska-Curie Actions, 2015-2019 (finished in 2015 when moved to TUD)
  • RINGMAN, Offshore Wind Turbine Towers A Quicker, Cheaper Flange Supply Route (2011-2014), Grant agreement for: Research for the benefit of specific groups, Grant agreement no: 286603
  • Sandström, J, Wickström, U, Veljkovic, M, Iqbal, N, Sjöström, J & Sundelin, J 2015, Steel truss exposed to localized fires: Experimental report from a large scale experiment with a steel truss exposed to localized fires. LuleĂ„ tekniska universitet, LuleĂ„.
  • Pourya Noury, Efthymios Koltsakis, Milan Veljkovic, Investigation of fractures in bridge roller bearings,  2015  LuleĂ„ tekniska universitet, LuleĂ„.

Other activities

Member of editorial boards of International Journals:

Evaluator of research projects:

  • Evaluator of research proposals for Swedish Rescue Service Agency, 2004, 2006,
  • Czech Science Foundation, Reviewer of an Application for Standard Grant Project, 2006
  • Project evaluation of grant applications submitted to the Research Council of Norway, 2012
  • The Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) is managed by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Directorate G (Industrial technologies), Unit G.5.sals, 2009-2013
  • The European Research Council Advanced Grant, 2012
  • Research Executive Agency (REA) European Commission, evaluation of the proposals submitted TO H2020-LCE-2014-1


  • Veljkovic, M, Simoes da Silva, L, Simoes, R, Wald, F, Jaspart, J-P, Weynand, K, Dubina, D, Landolfo, Vila Real P, Gervasio H, 2015, JRC Scientific and Policy Report: Eurocodes: Background & Applications. Design of Steel Buildings. Worked examples, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union,
  • B. Norlin, M. Veljković, W. Husson, Att konstruera med stĂ„l - Modul 10: Förband, 2015, StĂ„lbyggnadsintsitutet Nr: P-M10
  • M Veljkovic, M Feldmann, J Naumes, D Pak, L SimĂ”es da Silva and C Rebelo, 2011,  Wind turbine tower design, erection and maintenance, in Wind energy systems: Optimising design and construction for safe and reliable operation Edited by J D SĂžrensen, Aalborg University and J N SĂžrensen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge, UK

Milan Veljkovic