van den Berg, J.J.


Jens van den Berg started working at the TU Delft GSE-laboratory in August 2015. After studying Research/Instrument-maker, he worked at several equipment-builders for laboratories and construction companies, before his move to the GSE-laboratory. Using the experience gathered in the early days of his career, Jens quickly adapted to working at academic environment and the accompanying work expected in such institution. His current practice is fieldwork set-up and support. In this role, Jens benefits greatly from his technical and mechanical expertise to provide tools intended for such research.

Notable projects Jens worked on are Geophysical Measurements in the Neves-Corvo mine in Portugal, as well as recent fieldwork in Zuidbroek, Groningen. He is also a technician for lab-research, of which waterjetting tests on the 3-axial bench is most notable.

J.J. (Jens) van den Berg

Technical Support Staff