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22 October 2020

Reginald Fessenden Award for Evert Slob

Evert Slob (Professor of Geophysical Electromagnetic Methods) has received a prestigious award from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists for his contribution to scientific and technological advances in the field of electromagnetic interferometry.

12 October 2020

Three NWO grants for earth observation

02 October 2020

Triceratops ‘Skull 21’ exhibition

The restoration of a Triceratops skull is the subject of an exhibition at the Science Centre Delft from October 3. The skull – dubbed ‘Skull 21’ - formed part of the collection at the Mineralogical & Geological Museum brought together by staff of the former faculty of Mining (now Geoscience & Engineering). The skull was damaged when it was transported from Wyoming (USA) to the Netherlands in 1950 and has now been restored to its former glory.

11 June 2020

Help from an unexpected quarter: geosciences data techniques can help predict corona spread

An international team of scientists is studying the possibility of using data assimilation, a data technique from geosciences, to predict the spread of coronavirus and the efficacy of certain measures. TU Delft geoscientists on the team think that data assimilation might prove a useful tool for the RIVM epidemiologists. A paper on the subject has been submitted to scientific journal Foundations of Data Science.

02 June 2020

Efficiency and Safety in Geothermal Operations

A fund of 3.4M€ has been awarded by the European Commission to a project on geothermal energy, that will be led by researcher Maren Brehme (TU Delft). The project entitled ‘EASYGO: Efficiency and Safety in Geothermal Operations‘ is one of the Innovative Training Networks meant for extraordinary global research as well as excellent training opportunities for PhD candidates to reach doctorate level.