Geothermal Get-Together

The Geothermal Get-Together (GGT) is an initiative to bridge the emerging geothermal industry and university research, by the combination of a short seminar followed by informal discussions afterward. The GGT has contributions ranging from state of the art research to new policy to industry best practices.

Upcoming events

The 10th Geothermal Get-Together is in the making! Due to the corona measures the event will be organised as a webinar. This way we can stay connected and still have scientific discussions on geothermal related topics together.

The webinar will take place on September 28th at 15.30 CEST.
Location: Zoom
A login link will be send to you after registration a day before the event.

The topic of the 10th Geothermal Get-Together is Formation gas in geothermal systems.
The speakers will be announced shortly.

Previous events

9th Geothermal Get-Together – 23rd June 2021 (collaboration with Stichting DAP):

  • “Cooperation as blueprint for DAP”, Andries Wever, Founder Stichting DAP
  • “CSI – Corrosion ‘Schmoo’ Investigation”, Ayla Reerink, Veegeo
  • “Development of geothermal energy in the province of South-Holland”, Youri Nijsse, Province of South-Holland
  • “Public acceptance and framing of geothermal energy”, Jeanne Steijn & Anita Trisiah, TU Delft


8th Geothermal Get-Together – 17th March 2021:

  • “Development Geothermie Nederland”, Radboud Vorage, Geothermie Nederland
  • “Geothermal Energy the road to impact”, Marit Brommer, International Geothermal Association
  • “The impact of heterogeneity on geothermal production: Simulation benchmarks and applications”, Yang Wang, TU Delft
  • “The WARM study: Integration of national subsurface and surface heat potential”, Coen Leo, Panterra
  • “Novel drilling technology for long multilateral structures”, Jan Jette Blangé, Canopus Drilling Solutions

7th GGT – 4th November 2020:

  • “HT-ATES at the TU Delft, feasibility of a promising technology for the future heat system”, Marc Pijnenborg, ENGIE
  • “HT-ATES, a hot topic for deep research”, Martin Bloemendal, KWR/TU Delft
  • “Underground Thermal Energy Storage: challenges and opportunities in Europe based on the HEATSTORE project”, Luca Guglielmetti, University of Geneva

6th GGT - 30th June 2020:

  • “Positioning Geothermal Energy in WarmingUP, Frits Verheij, TNO
  • “Prospects for Seismicity-Permeability Linkages in EGS Reservoirs”, Derek Elsworth, Penn State University
  • “De-Risking Geothermal Energy Projects, Annemarie Muntendam-Bos, TU Delft

5th GGT - 4th December 2019:

  • “Advances in modelling energy production from high enthalpy geothermal systems” John O’Sullivan (University of Auckland)
  • “Perspectives for the sustainable use of geothermal resources” Maren Brehme (TU Delft)
  • “Benefits of seasonal heat storage for DHN” Martin Bloemendal (TU Delft, KWR)
  • “The learning curve in geothermal operations: finding silver bullets to combat the challenges” Barbara Cox (Hydreco Geomec)

    4th GGT - 27th June 2019:

    • “Parameter interdependency in energy and economic output of a geothermal development strategy” Alex Daniilidis (TU Delft)
    • “A play based portfolio perspective for accelerating geothermal energy in the Netherlands” Jan Diederik van Wees (University Utrecht/TNO)
    • “Realizing the promise of geothermal energy in the Netherlands” Frits Wolters (PwC)
    • “Development of geothermal projects in urban environment” Jan Willem Rösingh (PEP)

    3rd GGT - 29th November 2018:

    • “Platform Geothermie and the Geothermal Masterplan Netherlands”, Frank Schoof (Chairman Stichting Platform Geothermie)
    • “Geothermal Formation Evaluation”, Tom Bradley (Senior Geoscience Advisor Baker Hughes)
    • “Efficient and robust forward simulation of complex geothermal processes”, Denis Voskov (Associate Professor TU Delft)
    • During the 3rd Geothermal Get-Together, it was announced that research on Geothermal Science and Engineering at TU Delft got another boost. Read more

    2nd GGT - 12th July 2018:

    • "A laboratory study on the drilling of laterals by jetting", Richard Bakker (Post-Doctoral researcher TU Delft)
    • "Well integrity monitoring using distributed fiber optic sensing", Thomas Reinsch (Group leader Geothermal Energy systems GFZ Potsdam/ visiting scientist TU Delft)
    •  “Ultra Deep Geothermal - Exploring for high temperature heat in the Netherlands”, Nora Heijnen (EBN)

    1st GGT - 19th March 2018:

    •  “An overview of student activities in the first years; some highlights”, Karl-Heinz Wolf (Associate Professor / Head of Geoscience & Engineering Laboratory TU Delft)
    • “Stichting DAP: supporting geothermal at Delft (3O)", Mike Woning (DAP president) / Andries Wever (former DAP chairman / co-founding father)
    •  “Introduction of a geothermal well at the TU Delft campus - Above ground consequences”, Chris Hellinga (Sustainability Program Manager / Scientific advisor TU Delft)
    • “'Well design for the proposed TU Delft campus doublet: integration of science and operation”, Abe Steiginga (Technical Lead Geothermal Energy project TU Delft)
    • “Ongoing and future geothermal research at TU Delft”, David Bruhn (Geothermal Expertise Leader/ Part-time Professor Geothermal Engineering TU Delft/GfZ)


    Would you like to present at one of the future GGT’s? Please contact the geothermal team: 

    Phil Vardon
    Alexandros Daniilidis
    Susanne Laumann