Campus geothermal well (DAPwell)

TU Delft, Hydreco Geomec, Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) and Shell are preparing a geothermal project on the TU Delft campus. The goal is to facilitate geothermal research and its application and to use the heat from the earth for the heating of buildings. This geothermal resource will be installed near the TU Delft campus and this unique location will make that this well will become part of a large-scale research programme.

The scientific infrastructure for this project is funded by the EPOS-NL project, which will create a world class living laboratory, and associated research projects (e.g. WarmingUP, EASYGO) will utilise this facility.

Keywords: Deep geothermal, training and education

TUD researchers involved:
Phil Vardon
Susanne Laumann
Lora Armstrong
David Bruhn
Maren Brehme
Kees Wapenaar
Guy Drijkoningen
Evert Slob
Auke Barnhoorn
Hemmo Abels
Kees Weemstra
Deyan Draganov

Funder: n.a.

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