Project: Geothermal energy in the Mbeya region, Tanzania.

This project will heighten the knowledge on how to accurately predict fracture and matrix flow so as to increase hydraulic conductivity and subsequently the geothermal well productivity. Project funded by NUFFIC.


I work on mechanical characterization and potential evaluation of the geothermal systems in Ngozi & Songwe fields, Mbeya, Tanzania. I try to answer the question how mechanical and thermal properties impact fluid flows in geothermal reservoirs. To answer that question I plan a combination of laboratory rock experiments and fluid flow numerical simulations, based on structural features and confining conditions (i.e. pressure and temperature), to simulate the development of the deep  geothermal reservoir of Ngozi. A similar study will allow comparing results and performances of parallel simulations with Songwe field.

Supervisors: Giovanni Bertotti; Mahamudu Mtebwa (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)