Project: GEOCAP (Geothermal Capacity Building Program Indonesia - Netherlands)

This project enhances geothermal exploration in Indonesia, coupled with capacity building activities. It has strong links to REAL TIME MINING, a European Union Horizon 2020 project.


I characterize and quantify the ores in rock samples from mining sites, with the overarching question how to constrain the heat source and characterize a geothermal area using the fluid-rock geochemistry  along with the micro-structures. I am involved on regular basis in field campaigns in Indonesia together with local geothermal experts especially in greenfield areas for geological mapping and sampling collection. My research expertise is strongly connected to chemical work and analyses of volcanic rocks focussed on detecting hydrothermal alteration (clay fraction). The interpretation of the rock geochemistry accompanies the geomechanical and acidizing experiments on rocks from geothermal fields in Indonesia  at TU Delft in the investigation of the effect of the acid treatment.

Advisers: David Bruhn (GEOCAP) and Mike Buxton (REAL TIME MINING)

Also involved: Auke Barnhoorn, Feven Desta and Adriana Guatame-Garcia