Project: Synergy potential of hydrocarbon production with geothermal energy

These projects try to establish the potential of combining hydrocarbon production with geothermal energy recovery. In addition to economic benefits, any synergy potential would become an innovative low carbon-emission technology. These studies are funded by EBN.


Negar Khoshnevis

I work on determining the effects of injecting disposal water from a geothermal reservoir into a gas reservoir, assessing new strategies for the integration of geothermal energy with gas production using a Dutch case study. I model flow and heat transport phenomena in two-phase flow (brine and gas), where the numerical model includes gravity, capillary and hysteresis (gas trapping) effects.

Adviser: David Bruhn

I work on determining the possibility of coproduction of oil and geothermal energy. I address questions related to the geology and reservoir architecture, determining if existing wells can be used or new wells need to be drilled, identifying production-optimization strategies and overall technological and economic feasibility.

Advisers: David Bruhn, Rick Donselaar