Prof. Ir. A.F. van Tol


Prof. Frits van Tol is emeritus full professor of Foundation Engineering at TUD and was member of the scientific board of Deltares. Frits has 40 years of experience in Geotechnical Engineering and was a part-time professor since 1993. His main research topics are Earth Retaining Structures, Sheet Piling, Ground improvement, Compensation grouting, Rapid Pile Load Testing, Modelling of Pile Installation, Dewatering of very soft sediments and Geo-risk Management.

The increasing population in the deltaic cities requires innovative solutions for underground structures as well as for structures above ground. The main related topics in Geotechnical Engineering are the management of risk related to works in and on the ground, in particular the interaction with the existing environment, improving of foundation technology and the optimisation of design of foundation works. Deep excavations and retaining structures

A project was carried out in the framework of the European Normalisation and focused on the Limit State behaviour of sheet pile walls, including plastic design and oblique bending. The research combined different kinds of experimental research, a field test and numerical modelling and resulted in a PhD-thesis
Dr. Arjen Kort (2002).

Next the effects of the installation and removal of sheet piles was studied. Experimental modelling was combined with a large field tests.
Dr. Piet Meijers (2007).

Two PhD’s did research quality improvement and assessment of Diaphgram walls; Van Dalen is finalizing his research on the installation process and focus on the flow of support fluid and the concrete. Spruit has investigated the feasibility of detecting inclusions by different geo-physical methods. Cross Hole Sonic Logging appeared to be a successful methods to detects anomalies in the panels next to the joints
Dr. Rodriaan Spruit (2015)
PhD-student Jan van Dalen (with prof Bosch)

Pile foundations

Effects of the installation of ground displacement (driven) piles. Experimental and numerical research is carried out into the impact of the installation on the soil state and soil properties. Tests were performed in a Geo-centrifuge, applying innovative measuring equipment for changes in density.

Dr.Jelke Dijkstra (2009)
Dr. Wout Broere (2001)
Dr. Kursat Engin (2013)
Dr. Anders Beijers Lundberg (2015)
PhD-student Nguyen Thi Viet Phuong

The interpretation of rapid (quasi-static) pile load tests. This project is an international co-operation. A draft version of the Eurocode for the execution of rapid pile load tests was issued and an international guideline for the interpretation of these kind of tests. The research focus in particular on load rate effects and excess pore pressure during rapid testing.
Dr. N.Q. Huy (2008)
PhD-student Chi Nguyen Thanh

Piled Embankments. The design of piled embankments is researched using experiments,  monitoring data of field projects. Simulations with analytical as well as numerical models have been performed
Dr. Suzanne van Eekelen (2015)

Ground improvement

Research concentrates on the understanding of soil improvement techniques, including different grouting techniques such as permeation grouting, jet grouting and compensation grouting, compaction, soil nailing. One large field test on grouting was carried out in the framework of the North-South Subway line in Amsterdam
Dr. Almer van der Stoel (2001)

Research on the process and effectiveness of compensation grouting is in process in order to minimize the settlements of pile foundations as affected by tunnelling.
Dr. Adam Bezuijen (2010)

Dewatering of very soft sediments

The feasibility of the application of de-waterings techniques as sub-areal drying and installation of vertical drains in fine oil sand tailings has been researched. At present the drying characteristics of Mature Fine Tailings, originating from the oil sand industry are investigated and a numerical model to simulate sub-areal drying in thin lifts is being developed.
Dr. Yutian Yao (2016)

Lifting lowland is a research project in which the feasibility of lifting low lying polders with e.g. dredging sludge is investigated. Similar processes such as atmospheric drying and self-weight consolidation of these very soft sediments are the related research topic. In particular the impact of organic material is of interest.
PhD-student Roderick Tollenaar (with prof Jommi)

Frits van Tol

Emeritus Professor Foundation Engineering

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