Research integrity and ethics are important topics of discussion at TU Delft. TU Delft’s Code of Ethics formulates the aspirations, responsibilities and rights that ought to inspire and guide allemployees and students. Rules and regulations are provided on different topics such as ancillary activities, reimbursements, and academic integrity. The Roadmap for Matters of Integrity offers a guideline for employees and students on how to address, e.g. (suspects of) wrongdoing or conflict of interests.

Accessible and durable storage of data, for future consultation by TU staff and external parties, is a major issue of research integrity. The procedure (to be downloaded on the right) developed by the Departments of Geoscience and Engineering and Geoscience and Remote Sensing concerns various data types, i.e. measured, collected and/or numerical computed data, as well as source code. Its implementation is carried out in close cooperation with the TU Delft Library, which takes part in the 3TU Datacentre. Whenever possible, the data are uploaded in the Repository of the 3TU Datacentre. This specialised organisation ensures:

  • long-term (15 years) accessibility and data maintenance despite changing software and technologies over time,
  • full data protection, e.g. against corruption,
  • restoration of data after loss or damage by accident, breach of security, or natural disaster