Slob, E.C.


I have spent six months as a visiting professor at the Geophysics Department of Colorado School of Mines, Golden, USA, in 2009 and four months at the institute of Applied Geophysics of the University of São Paulo, Brazil in 2014. I teach in several courses in the bachelor and master level of the Applied Earth Sciences and IDEA League Master of Applied Geophysics programmes. My primary research interests concern processing, imaging and inversion of electromagnetic geophysical data.


During the past decades, I initiated several near surface and exploration related research projects on the development of processing, imaging and inversion of ground penetrating radar, controlled source electromagnetic and seismic data, with applications in humanitarian demining, hydrogeophysics, and hydrocarbon exploration. My current research interests are advanced processing, imaging and inversion techniques for electromagnetic diffusive and wave fields with applications in monitoring geothermal energy production, subsurface storage and production cycles of fuels and fluid waste repositories.

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  • Slob, E., 2016, Green’s function retrieval and Marchenko imaging in a dissipative acoustic medium, Physical Review Letters, 116, 164301.
  • Electromagnetic exploration methods (AES1540)
  • Geophysical prospecting (AESM1450)
  • Field geophysics and signal analysis with python exercises (AESM1511)
  • Geophysical methods for subsurface characterisation (AESB2140)
  • Integrated seismic and EM monitoring of geothermal wells, subproject in Warming up, RVO project, subproject leader, E.C. Slob.
  • Validation of Marchenko-based internal multiple removal, Delphi-project, project leader E.C. Slob.
  • Geophysical Interpretation with target-oriented inversion modules, ERA-NET COFUND project, project leader Dr. G. Eisenberg.
  • Seismic and electromagnetic data assimilation for reservoir surveillance, Delphi-project project leader Dr F. Vossepoel.
  • Ziolkowski, A.M. and E.C. Slob, 2019, Introduction to Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Methods – Detecting Subsurface Fluids, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 9781107058620.
  • Slob, E.C., 1994, Scattering of transient diffusive electromagnetic fields, Doctoral thesis, TU Delft, 
  • Grobbe, N., A. Revil, Z. Zhu and E. Slob (Eds), 2020, Seismoelectric Exploration: Theory, Experiments, and Applications, Wiley, ISBN: 978-1-119-12737-6.

Evert Slob

Head of Section Applied Geophysics and Petrophysics Professor of Geophysical Electromagnetic Methods

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