Brackenhoff, J.A.


  • 2016-present PhD student at the section of Applied Geophysics and Petrophysics at Delft University of Technology
  • 2014-2016 MSc in Applied Geophysics at Delft University of Technology, ETH Zurich and RWTH Aachen. MSc thesis at Delft University of Technology: Rescaling of incorrect source strength using Marchenko Redatuming. Graduated cum laude i.e. with honors as best graduate of the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of 2015/2016
  • 2011-2014 BSc in Applied Earth Sciences at Delft University of Technology. BSc thesis: Enhancing Land Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Surveys using Vertical Electric Field Measurements. Graduated cum laude i.e. with honors


In recent years the Marchenko equation has garnered a lot of attention in the field of geophysics. It can overcome one of the biggest limitations of conventional geophysical methods, namely that in order to apply these methods the reflection response of a medium needs to be recorded at two different depth levels. In practice this is very unlikely to happen. The Marchenko method only requires the reflection response at one depth level which makes its application to real data very desirable. However, because of certain assumptions that have to be made for the Marchenko scheme this application is not very straightforward. My research focuses on the use of the Marchenko scheme for applications on real data

Joeri Brackenhoff

PhD Student

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

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    Room number: T3.20