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04 May 2021

Workshop on Securing Data in Mesopotamia: New Technologies for Secured Cuneiform

08 April 2021

Grimburgwal provides lessons for quay wall renovations Amsterdam

On September 1, 2020, part of the quay of the Grimburgwal in Amsterdam collapsed. The primary causes appear to be the different construction of the narrow quay, the locally deeper canal bed, and the weakening of masonry due to collisions. This is the result of the research conducted by a research team composed of experts from TU Delft, Deltares, AMS Institute, and SkyGEO, led by Mandy Korff (TU Delft/Deltares), on behalf of the City of Amsterdam. The full report with conclusions and recommendations for other quay walls in the city was published by the City of Amsterdam on April 8, 2021.

10 March 2021

MUDNET 2021 online conference

The MUDNET 2021 conference will be held on 29 and 30 March 2021.

11 February 2021

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship for Joaquín Liaudat!

Joaquín Liaudat will investigate the “Formation and Vanishing of Discrete Gas Flow Pathways in Clays” using a combined experimental and numerical modelling approach.

18 December 2020

PhD position within the CURE project

Applications are welcome for a PhD position within the CURE (Coupled Multiprocess Research for Reducing Landfill Emissions) project.

18 December 2020

Grant from the Delft Bioengineering Institute for Julia Gebert!

The project will investigate the effects of biochar on the performance of microbial CH4 oxidation in biofilters to reduce landfill gas emissions.

05 December 2020

ENW-XS grant awarded to Giorgia Giardina!

Congratulations to Giorgia Giardina, who was awarded an ENW-XS grant for the rapid assessment of seismic damage using satellite data.

03 December 2020

PhD position in experimental geomechanics

Applications are welcome for a PhD position in the field of experimental geomechanics of clays, with a focus on the self-healing mechanics.

25 November 2020

Looking for possible tombstone by using GPR

In March 2020, Dominique Ngan-Tillard and Deyan Draganov were approached by the foundation Jewish Westland, who manages the cemetery in Naaldwijk, and asked whether it would be possible to use non-invasive geophysical methods to look for possible tombstones lying under the ground surface of the cemetery.

25 November 2020

NENnovation award for the Energy Quay Wall

A consortium led by CRUX Engineering, including TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Gooimeer and Duurzaam Opgewekt Energiesystemen, have won the NENnovation award for the Energy Quay Wall. Phil Vardon, Ivaylo Pantev and Jorrit de Vries are involved from TU Delft.