Broere, W.


Wout is the assistant professor of Underground Space Technology at Delft University of Technology. His research interests include Trenchless technologies, Underground construction in soft soils, Use of underground space, Foundation engineering, Physical modelling & centrifuge testing, Site investigation & laboratory testing. He provided geotechnical expertise for several  large tunnelling projects in the Netherlands and abroad, including Groene Hart and Liefkenshoek, as well as on foundation engineering aspects for onshore and offshore foundations.

Wout obtained his MSc in 1996 and a PhD in 2001, both at Delft University of Technology. After obtaining his PhD he became an independent geotechnical consultant and has worked as head of courses and support at Plaxis BV, while continuing as a part-time researcher at TU Delft . Since 2006 he has  a full-time position at TU Delft.



Wout currently teaches the undergraduate course on Use of Underground Space and the MSc courses on Trending Topics in Geo-engineering and Trenchless Technologies. He also contributes to the courses Bored and Immersed Tunnelling, Deep Excavations and Geo-risk Management.

He also is the BSc Thesis coordinator for the Geo-engineering section.


Recent research projects include

  • TBM shield - soil interaction
  • Minimal cover requirements while tunnelling in very soft soils
  • Face stability for micro-tunnel TBMs
  • Friction effects during microtunnelling
  • Tunnel fire safety
  • Numerical & physical modelling of pile installation
  • Effects of pile driving through gel injection layers
  •  Process control and NDT of diaphragm walls

Professional Affiliations

  • Editor, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Elsevier
  • Board Member ISTT International Society for Trecnhless Technologies
  • Board Member NSTT Netherlands Society for Trenchless Technologies
  • Member TEIRAC Trenchless Engineering International Research Academic Council
  • Member Raad van Toezicht Stichting Pipeliner
  • Animateur ITA Working Group 20 Urban Problems - Underground Solutions
  • Member ITACUS ITA Committee on Underground Space
  • Member ISSMGE TC204 Underground Construction in Soft Ground
  • Member COB Kennisplatform Kabels & Leidingen
  • Member Klankboordgroep Spoorzone Delft
  • Member Geoimpuls WG12 Onderwijs

Wout Broere

Senior Researcher

  • +31 15 27 81545
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

    Building 23

    Stevinweg 1 / PO-box 5048

    2628 CN Delft / 2600 GA Delft


    Room number: 00.510