Maghsoudloo, A.

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Arash is a PhD researcher in the Geo-Engineering section of CITG department at TU Delft. His current research area is investigation of the failure mechanism of submarine slopes in very loose granular materials. Main focus of his research is static liquefaction induced slides and their triggering factors and investigation of static liquefaction mitigation methods and scour protection systems in under-water slopes.


Arash received his B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from Iran university of Science and Technology in Iran and his M.Sc. degree in Geotechnical Engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. After graduation, he worked as a geotechnical engineer in a company in Turkey. One year later, he decided to go back to academia and moved to Iowa State University in USA and served as Teaching and Research Assistant in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering for about two years. In January 2016, Arash moved to TU Delft to pursue his PhD studies under supervision of Prof. M.A. Hicks and Dr. A. Askarinejad.



  • Maghsoudloo, A.,Can A., ”A Case Study of Wet Soil Mixing for Bearing Capacity Improvement in Turkey”, International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014 .
  • Huvaj, N., Maghsoudloo, A. “Laboratory Measurement of Residual Shear Strength of Ankara Clay”, 5th National Geotechnical Engineering Symposium, 4-5 September 2013, Adana, Turkey. (in Turkish)
  • Huvaj, N., Maghsoudloo, A.,” Finite Element Modeling of Displacement Behavior of a Slow-Moving Landslide”, ASCE, Geo-Congress 2013: Stability and Performance of Slopes and Embankments III Town and Country Resort, San Diego, California.
  • Maghsoudloo, A., Huvaj, N., “Prediction of Landslide Movements and its Relation to Damage in Structures”, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 14, EGU2012-1013, European Geosciences Union, EGU General Assembly 2012, 22-27 April 2012, Vienna, Austria.
  • Maghsoudloo, A., Ahmadi Naghadeh, R., Toker, N.K., “Numerical Comparison of Retaining System Behavior for a Deep Excavation Case With and Without Ground Improvement”, International Conference on Ground Improvement and Ground Control (ICGI 2012), 30 Oct. – 2 Nov. 2012, University of Wollongong, Wollongong , Australia.
  • Toker, N.K, Ozlu, P., Maghsoudloo, A., Ahmadi Naghadeh, R., “Design of a Deep Excavation Near Metro Tunnels in Ankara” , Prof. Ismet Ordemir’s memorial, 6th Geotechnical Engineering symposium ,November 2011, Ankara ,Turkey.(in Turkish)

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Research Experience

  • Experimental Investigation of Fully Softened Shear Strength of High Plasticity Clays and Shales, Iowa State University, Ames IA, USA, 2015-2016.
  • Liquefaction Mitigation in Bio-Mediated Sands, Iowa State University, Ames IA, USA, 2014-2015.
  • Research assistant at Middle East Technical University in a consulting project for Eti-Maden company on "Failure Analysis of Open Pit Mines", Bigadic borate open pit mine, Turkey, 2012.
  • Research assistant at Middle East Technical University in a consulting project on "Stability Analysis and Design of Tailing Dam" , Bandirma, Turkey, 2012.
  • Research assistant at Middle East Technical University, EU FP7 Marie Curie IRG Project on "Mechanism Modeling and Forecasting of Landslide Displacements", 2011-2012.

Arash Maghsoudloo

PhD Student