Gonzalez Acosta, J.L.


Leon González studied Geotechnical Engineering in Mexico City, from where he got his MSc degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Later, he becomes a student at Delft University of Technology and got his PhD degree in October 2020. Besides his academic achievements, Leon also has experience in the industry working at Bowerbird engineering (México) and GustoMSC (Netherlands) as a geotechnical consultant.


As a PhD student, he researched on the simulation of large deformation problems (e.g. landslides), contact detection and soil-structure interaction using the material point method (MPM). Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher in the DeepNL project "SOFTTOP" where he is developing a FEM code capable to simulate Hydro-mechanical and seismic soil behaviour. The goal of the project is to study hazardous scenarios in the Groningen area caused by gas extraction.

In addition to his academic and working experience, he assists in the Numerical Modelling in Geo-Engineering master course (CIE4366) and supervises master students in their Thesis.

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Jose Leon Gonzalez Acosta

Post-Doctoral researcher