Hajibeygi, H.


06.2018 - present:    Associate Professor, TU Delft
01.2017 - present:    Guest Professor, Stuttgart University
01.2013 - 05.2018:   Assistant Professor, TU Delft
09.2011 - 01.2013:   Postdoc, Energy Resources Eng., Stanford University
06.2007 - 08.2011:   PhD, Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich

Research: multi-scale modeling and simulation

My research interests include development of efficient and accurate modeling and simulation methods for multiphase flow in natural heterogeneous porous media. Due to the multiscale nature of the problem, multiscale simulation and modeling methods cast the core of my research focus, which allows for investigations of the processes with complex geometrical, geological, and rock-fluid physics. Having the efficient modeling and computational tool allows me work on understanding the physics behind multiphase complex processes in a wide range of applications. In addition, I am working on development of efficient linear and nonlinear solvers in the context of porous media flow. For more information, please visit our research team:

  • Reservoir Simulation, Graduate Course (2 ECS), TU Delft, AES1350, Spring Quarter.
  • Rock Fluid Physics, Graduate Core Course (3 ECS), TU Delft AES1310-10, Fall Quarter.
  • Advanced Reservoir Simulation, Graduate Selective Course (2 ECS), TU Delft AES1490, Winter Quarter.
  • Media: Video Lecture on Effective Teaching Environment

Current researchers



  • PhD Researcher, Matei Tene, since Mar/2014
  • PhD Researcher, Matteo Cusini, since Feb/2015
  • PhD Researcher, Rafael Moraes (together with Prof. JD. Jansen, CiTG), since Dec/2014
  • PhD Researcher, Mousa Hosseinimehr (together with Prof. K. Vuik, EWI), since Sep/2017
  • MS Researcher, Muhammad Gusti Bastisya (together with Dr. Frans van der Meer, CiTG) 
  • MS Researcher, Fanxiang Xu
  • MS Researcher, Jeroen Rijntjes
  • MS Researcher, Rhadityo Arbarim
  • MS Researcher, Pascal Schöpping
  • MS Researcher, Irina Sokolova
  • MS Researcher, Alireza Karimpoorheidari
  • MS Researcher, Arjan Marelis
  • MS Researcher, Benny Shachor (together with Dr. Domenico Lahaye, EWI)
  • BS Researcher, Fatin Khelfi
  • I. Sokolova, M. Gusti, H. Hajibeygi, Multiscale Finite Volume Method For Finite-Volume-Based Poromechanics Simulations, Journal of Computational Physics, 379 (2019) 309-324. doi.org/10.1016/j.jcp.2018.11.039
  • M. Cusini, R. Gielisse, H. Groot. C. van Kruisdijk, H. Hajibeygi, Incomplete Mixing in Porous Media: Todd-Longstaff upscaling approach versus a dynamic local grid refinement method, Computational Geosciences, doi.org/10.1007/s10596-018-9802-0
  • N. Castelletto, S. Klevtsov, H. Hajibeygi, H. A. Tchelepi, Multiscale two-stage solver for Biot's poroelasticity equations in subsurface media, Computational Geosciences, doi.org/10.1007/s10596-018-9791-z 
  • HosseiniMehr, M. Cusini, K. Vuik, H. Hajibeygi, Algebraic dynamic multilevel method for embedded discrete fracture model (F-ADM), Journal of Computational Physics 373 (2018) 324-345. doi.org/10.1016/j.jcp.2018.06.075
  • R. Moraes, J. Rodrigues, H. Hajibeygi, J-D. Jansen, Computing Derivative Information of Sequentially Coupled Subsurface Models, Computational Geosciences (2018). doi.org/10.1007/s10596-018-9772-2 
  • Tene, H. Hajibeygi, M. Kobaisi, PROJECTION-BASED EMBEDDED DISCRETE FRACTURE MODEL (PEDFM), U.S. Provisional Patent 62/671,588, Filed:  May 15, 2018.
  • A. Lukyanov, H. Hajibeygi, K. Vuik, K. Bradtvet: Adaptive Deflated Multiscale Method, Docket Number: IS14.9739-US-PSP, Filed in 2016, SLB, USA.
  • A. Lukyanov, H. Hajibeygi, J. Natvig, K. Bradtvet: MULTILEVEL MONOTONE CONSTRAINED PRESSURE RESIDUAL MULTISCALE TECHNIQUES, June 2016, US 2016/0162612 A1, CVX/SLB/Total INTERSECT Alliance.
  • H. Hajibeygi, D. Karvounis and P. Jenny: System And Method For Simulating Fluid Flow In A Fractured Reservoir, US Patent : US 8798977, Granted on 5 August 2014.  
  • H. Hajibeygi, G. Bonfigli, M.A. Hesse, P. Jenny: ITERATIVE MULTI-SCALE METHOD FOR FLOW IN POROUS MEDIA, US Patent,  US 8301429, Granted on October 30, 2012.

Hadi Hajibeygi

Associate Professor

  • ETH Zurich Medal, 2012
  • TU Delft Innovative Teaching Talent, 2018