Bakker, R.

Richard R. Bakker is a Postdoctoral Researcher at TU Delft and is involved in the SURE project with Prof. David Bruhn. Within this project, a new technique to enhance permeability in geothermal wells is evaluated: Radial Jet Drilling (RDJ). RJD uses a very high-pressure water jet to make small, long holes, one to two centimetres in diameter in the rock formation starting from an existing well. This improves water flow into the well. Richards work focusses on the long term stability of the jetted rocks, by means of laboratory testing.


Richard did his MSc. at Utrecht University and studied basins in East-Timor that were uplifted during deposition (synorogenic). Using magnetostratigraphy for bedrock ages and micropaleontology for depth (and ages) the uplift was compared to exhumation as dated by other methods.

He did his PhD at ETH Zürich in the Rock Deformation Lab, within the Structural Geology group. There he studied the mechanical parameters of volcanic and basement rocks under volcano-tectonic pressure and temperature conditions (confining pressures of 50-150 MPa (2-6 km depth equivalent) and temperatures from 20-1000 °C, representing proximity to magmatic bodies). For this he has focussed on two case studies: Mt. Etna (Sicily, Southern Italy) and Snæfellsjökull (Western Iceland). The laboratory data has been used to quantitatively evaluate the stability of the volcanos.

In his spare time Richard likes to ride his bike, practises photography and enjoys travelling.

Richard Bakker

Postdoc Researcher

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