Advanced Reservoir Simulation and Optimization

Research on Advanced Reservoir Simulation and Optimization is being performed in two areas: One focusing on the control and optimization of subsurface flow in the Closed-Loop Reservoir Management (CLRM) program, and one focused on reservoir simulation in the Delft Advanced Reservoir Simulation (DARSim) program. CLRM is mainly carried out within two large industry-funded programs, the ISAPP (Integrated Systems Approach to Petroleum Production) consortium and the Recovery Factory (RF) program. Within these programs, concepts and technologies for CLRM are developed for, e.g., large-scale optimization under uncertainty, near-continuous updating of reservoir models, and model-order reduction techniques.

Nowadays DARSim is fully aligned with the CLRM group and maintains close contacts with other strong numerical-simulation groups at TU Delft. In this way the DARSim group working towards its goal, i.e., developing next-generation modelling and computational methods addressing current and future challenges of reservoir simulation. The developments include in particular multi-scale, multi-physics modelling and methods for efficient and accurate large-scale simulations of reservoirs with complex fluid-rock physics.

Our research topics are:

  1. Closed-Loop Reservoir Management (CLRM)
  2. Delft Advanced Reservoir Simulation (DARSim)