DARTS - Delft Advanced Research Terra Simulator

Time: 12:45 – 13:30, January 31
Room: 02.110


Numerical simulation is one of the most important tools required for financial and operational management of geothermal reservoirs. The modern geothermal industry is challenged to run large ensembles of numerical models for uncertainty analysis, causing simulation performance to become a critical issue. Recently proposed Operator-Based Linearization (OBL) approach helps to decrease simulation time. OBL offers a simplified linearization method, enhancing the computational performance of simulation and significantly reducing complexity and volume of the source code to be refactored when transition to a new computational architecture is inevitable. Moreover, this approach allows to distinct previously inseparable parts of a reservoir simulator: fluid property-related computations and main simulation loop. A novel simulation platform called DARTS exploits this idea to the full measure. Its property-related module controls the accuracy of physical representation, while the main simulation module carries the main computational burden. Overall, DARTS provides a unique, highly-extendable research simulation platform.

Mark Khait