Data Assimilation In The Geosciences - Past Experience and Future Directions

As a newcomer to the PE section, I would like to introduce myself by giving an overview on how I have applied data assimilation in my past research projects. Oceanographic studies in which I applied variational and probabilistic methodologies were followed by applied studies in the oil and gas industry. These included assisted history matching projects to optimise production as well as joint interpretation projects for near field exploration, in which I combined seismic and non-seismic observations. Going forward, I am proposing to apply stochastic data assimilation techniques such as particle filtering in coupled models of the subsurface. This application will address in particular geomechanical questions related to subsidence. Although the presentation will take a bird’s-eye view on my past and future projects, there will be ample opportunity to discuss specific aspects after the talk.

Femke Vossepoel