Nanoparticles: characteristics and applications in chemical EOR

Time: 12:45 – 13:30, April 25
Room: 5.09


Recently application of nanotechnology in oil and gas industry and in particular EOR has gained a great deal of attention. Small size of nanoparticles represents many interesting characteristics such as high surface area and high surface energy, active chemical responses and capability of being easily modified. Nanoparticles provide a way to control the oil recovery processes that is unmatched by any previous technology. One of the main target areas is to investigate the possibility of improving conventional EOR methods by injecting nanoparticles. Tiny particles can penetrate into the pore spaces that conventional recovery techniques cannot. The first part of this presentation addresses the major EOR mechanisms of nanoparticles used in the forms of nanofluids and nanoemulsions, including disjoining pressure, wettability alteration and interfacial tension reduction. This part is followed by application of nanoparticles in combination with polymers for mobility control at high salinity and temperature reservoirs.

Mohsen Mirzaie Yegane