Reservoir Engineering in the light of Dynamical Systems Theory

In this presentation, three main issues of petroleum engineering are treated: well testing, diffusion process, and Enhanced Oil Recovery. Since these are the major problems, theoretically and technologically, for the practitioners, I have tried to translate them into a more systematic discipline; i.e., dynamical systems theory. Using this approach, several advanced techniques can be employed to solve a bunch of classical problems in reservoir engineering. In particular, a system identification approach, fractional order dynamical systems, and optimal control are use to improve the current methods in well testing, diffusion process, and EOR, respectively.

Dr. Abolhassan Razminia.

  • Dr. Abolhassan Razminia holds a PhD degree in Control Systems Engineering.

    Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Department.

    School of Engineering, Persian Gulf University (PGU), Bushehr, Iran.