Former Researchers

  1. Dr. Siavash Kahrobaei, Postdoc, Sep/2015-Sep/2017. Now at Shell.
  2. Dr. Matei Tene, PhD, Algebraic Multiscale Framework for Fractured Reservoir Simulation. Now at Schlumberger.
  3. Dr. Matteo Cusini, PhD, Dynamic Multilevel Methods for simulation of multiphase flow in heterogeneous porous media. Now postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA.

  4. Dr. Rafael Moraes, PhD (together with Prof. J.D. Jansen), Multiscale Analytical Derivative Formulations for Improved Reservoir Management. 
  5. Dr. Yixuan Wang, PhD (together with Prof. Hamdi Tchelepi), Algebraic Multiscale Solver for Flow Problems in Heterogeneous Porous Media, Stanford University. Now at Shell.
  6. Dr. Abdulrahman Manea, PhD (together with Prof. Hamdi Tchelepi), Parallel multigrid and multiscale flow solvers for high-performance-computing architectures, Stanford University. Now at Saudi Aramco.
  7. Benny Shachor, MSc, Multi-Level Inversion Based On Mesh Decoupling, now Research Assistant at TU Delft.
  8. Pascal Schöpping, MSc, Feasibility of seasonal storage of green gas in Dutch geological formations.
  9. Muhammad Gusti Bastisya, MSc, Multiscale Extended-Finite-Element Method for Reservoir Geo-mechanics
  10. Jeroen Rijntjes, MSc, A Dynamic Multilevel Multiscale Framework for Accurate and Efficient Simulation of CO2-Brine Multiphase Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media
  11. Rhadityo Arbarim, MSc, Algebraic Dynamic Multilevel Simulation of Coupled Flow and Heat Transfer in Heterogeneous Geothermal Reservoirs with Fluid-Rock Non-Thermal Equilibrium Effects
  12. Irina Sokolova, MSc, MultiScale finite volume method for finite-volume based poromechanics simulations
  13. Michiel Creusen, MSc, Near wellbore1effects induced by CO2 injection and the influence on injectivity in in depleted gas reservoirs. 
  14. Gabriella Mansur, MSc, Flow in Fractured Media: a Darcy-Stokes-Brinkman Modelling Approach. 
  15. Timothy Praditia, MSc, Multiscale Simulation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems. 
  16. Jules Clarke, MSc, An Implicit Simulation Framework for Well Acidizing Process in Carbonate Reservoirs. Now at Schlumberger.
  17. Frank Pennekamp, MSc, iterative multiscale gradient computation for reservoir flow optimization.
  18. Sebastian Bosma, MSc, Unstructured Multiscale Discrete Fracture Model, Now PhD Student at Stanford University.
  19. Barnaby Fryer, MSc, Dynamic Multilevel Compositional Solver, Now PhD Researcher at EPFL.
  20. Mousa HosseinimehrMSc, Multiscale multilevel fracture solver, Now DARSim Researcher at TU Delft.
  21. Robin Gielisse, MSc, DLGR for Incomplete Mixing, Now at Well Engineering Partners, NL.
  22. Sander Pluimers, MSc, Hierarchical Fracture Modeling, Now at Wintershall holding GmbH, Germany.
  23. Swej Shah, MSc, Multiscale restriction smoothed basis method for fractured porous media (F-MsRSB), Now PhD Student at TUDelft
  24. Meeneesh Kardale, MSc, Efficient and Accurate simulation of nonlinearly coupled multiphase flow in porous media, Now at Shell.
  25. Ayush, MSc, Effect of Stress Sensitive Permeability on the Evaluation of Post-Fracture Welltests in Tight Gas and Unconventional Reservoirs. 
  26. Matteo Cusini, MSc (with CVX/SLB Intersect Alliance): CPR-based Multiscale Solvers, Jan-Sep. 2014. Now Now postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA.
  27. Yixuan Wang, MSc (together with Prof. Hamdi Tchelepi), Algebraic Multiscale Solver for Flow Problems in Heterogeneous Porous Media, Now at Shell.
  28. Steven Vogel, MSc (together with Prof. H. Tchelepi), Jun 2014: Compositional Multiscale Solver. Now at Chevron.
  29. Davide Cortinovis, MSc (together with Prof. Dr. P. Jenny), MSc, 2011; Enhanced Coarse Grids for Multiscale Finite Volume Method. 
  30. Esat Ünal, BSc, Simulation of foam flow in porous media.
  31. Carmen Platteeuw, BSc (together with Dr. Auke Barnhoorn), A Characteristics and Feasibility Study for CO2 Storage in Salt Caverns.
  32. Michiel Creusen, BSc, Comparison of analytical and numerical MRST solutions for CO2 injection in Alberta basin. 
  33. Jules Clarke, BSc, Migration and trapping of CO2 after injection in saline aquifers. 
  34. Thijs Boerrigter, BSc, Analytical Solutions and Numerical Simulation of CO2 Injection. 
  35. Rajdeep Deb, MSc semester project (together with Prof. P. Jenny), 2010, ETH Zurich: Multiscale Finite Volume Method for Non-Conforming Grids. Now PhD Student at ETH Zurich.
  36. Dino Costa, MSc Semester Project (together with Prof. P. Jenny), 2009, ETH Zurich: Fluid-Structure Interaction of 3D Objects using OpenFOAM. Now Co-Founder at TwingTec, Switzerland.
  37. Marco Weber, BSc (together with Prof. P. Jenny), Fall 2010, ETH Zurich: Numerical Simulation of CO2-Brine Multiphase Flow in Porous Media.

Group Photo 2016

Group photo, 2015, missing in the photo: Hadi.

Group Photo, 2014.

Hadi Hajibeygi

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