Marine Geochemistry

Below, you find some publications on my previous work as postdoc at Utrecht University, Geochmenistry group, where I worked on mud volcanoes in the Mediterranean Sea and their gas hydrates (2001-2005), as well as my PhD research at GEOMAR, Kiel/Germany, on hydrothermally influenced sediments in Antartica (1996-2000).  If you are interested in  research on gas hydrates and cold seeps at subduction zones, let me know. 

Public media

  • Chocolademousse en rotte eieren op Middellandse zee. Marien geochemicus Anke Dählmann doet verslag van een expeditie. Maritiem Nederland, Jrg. 94, Nr. 8, December 2005 (in Dutch)
  • Maiden Voyage. Report of a seagoing expedition by Tom Jilbert, PhD student Marine Geochemistry. Questa - magazine voor de faculteit Geowetenschappen, Universiteit Utrecht, nr. 4, 2004/2005
  • Interview with Anke Dählmann. Radio Nederland "Wereldomroep", interview by Thijs Westerbeek, published on 4 June 2004, 3:25 min (in Dutch)
  • Interview with John Woodside (VU University Amsterdam). Radio Nederland "Wereldomroep", interview by Thijs Westerbeek, published on 1 June 2004, 10:27 min
  • Utrechtse wetenschappers nemen broeikasgas mee in diepvries. Persbericht van de faculteit Geowetenschappen, Universiteit Utrecht, 16-11-2004 (in Dutch) 
  • Waar de bellen blubben. Article by René Didde, De Volkskrant, 20-03-2004 (in Dutch)

Selected scientific publication

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