Career prospects

An MSc degree in Civil Engineering or Applied Earth Sciences with a specialization in Geoscience and Remote Sensing is a ticket to a wide range of job opportunities. In geoscience and geo-information there is a high demand for academic professionals in industry, governmental or institutional organizations and academics. Moreover, there is an increasing number of graduates who start their own spin-off enterprises as experts in, e.g., remote sensing and geodesy.

  • Industry: you find geoscience and remote sensing graduates in companies such as:
    Fugro, Arcadis, Sweco, CGI, Shell, NAM, NUON, Antea Group or surveying companies and spin-offs.
  • Governmental organisations include Rijkswaterstaat, water boards, provinces, ministries, and government-related institutions such as the royal met office (KNMI), TNO, Deltares, NWO, KNAW, or ECN.
  • Our close link with space technology enables traineeships and future careers with the European Space Agency (ESA), NASA, DLR, JPL, or the Japanese JAXA. Our graduates advise on new missions and technology for earth observation and space science.
  • Some of our graduates choose for an academic career, and pursue a PhD degree, either at TU Delft or other universities (Wageningen, Utrecht, Amsterdam) in the Netherlands. Internationally graduates work at Caltech, Stanford, ETH Zurich, MIT, the University of Catalunya, Politecnico di Milano, and many more.