Ruben Schulte

MSc graduate 2017

Considering my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Geoscience & Remote Sensing seems like a strange choice. It turned out to be the perfect fit, as I have always had an interest in natural phenomena, especially the weather, and I had a good background in mathematics and thermodynamics. The track offers a broad range of topics related to system Earth and how to measure/model these processes. This broad background also helps to get to know the people working at GRS and the topics they work on, which helped me a lot to find a specialization: atmospheric science.

While the available courses are excellent, it is the people I will remember most! There is a really open and nice atmosphere in the entire department. The staff is approachable, helpful and open to feedback, the socially active PhD students are very involved and there is a close and diverse group of students. If you are thinking about the GRS Master track, but you are not sure yet, I would recommend to just go to the department and ask all your questions! That worked for me and what allowed me to follow my passion and continue working in atmospheric science with a PhD in Wageningen.

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