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15 January 2021

Special award for Pieternel Levelt and OMI satellite instrument team

Pieternel Levelt (Professor at TU Delft and Head at KNMI) and her international team were recently awarded a special award by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) for their successful OMI satellite project. The AMS awards recognise outstanding individuals and organisations in the field of weather, water and climate research.

03 December 2020

Pieternel Levelt Director American NCAR

In the first quarter of 2021, Pieternel Levelt (Professor of Remote Sensing of the Earth Atmosphere) will start as director at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), located in the city of Boulder (Colorado). Despite her move to the US, she will continue to work as a part-time professor at our faculty.

03 November 2020

Ramon Hanssen in Netherlands Space Office about International symposium IGARSS

The Netherlands Space Office published an article talking about International symposium IGARSS.

12 October 2020

Three NWO grants for earth observation

NWO has awarded funding to four new research proposals of TU Delft in the area of earth observation. Three of these are from researchers of Civil Engineering & Geosciences (CEG). The researchers involved will receive the grant from the User Support Programme Space Research, which the Netherlands Space Office NSO realises on behalf of NWO.

16 September 2020

Stef Lhermitte & Bert Wouters in diverse media about their paper on the damage on Thwaites and Pine Island ice shelves

Stef Lhermitte & Bert Wouters appeared diverse media about their paper on the damage on Thwaites and Pine Island ice shelves.

16 September 2020

Riccardo Riva in Trouw about the sea level rise

Riccardo Riva was interviewed by Trouw about the sea level rise

14 September 2020

Antarctica: cracks in the ice

In recent years, the Pine Island Glacier and the Thwaites Glacier on West-Antarctica has been undergoing rapid changes, with potentially major consequences for rising sea levels.

14 September 2020

Svalbard glaciers much more vulnerable to warming since mid-1980s

Most of Svalbard’s glaciers have lost their protective firn layer, which leaves the ice much more vulnerable to summer melt.

08 September 2020

New land subsidence map reveals the Netherlands’ (in)stability

Lopsided houses, subsiding streets, shifting dykes and nature reserves stricken by drought. In the years ahead, there will need to be some serious investment in maintenance by citizens, businesses and government.

27 August 2020

The Netherlands was almost 3% sunnier during the coronavirus crisis

The amount of solar radiation that reached the Earth’s surface increased during the period when measures to limit the spread of coronavirus were in place. Researchers Pier Siebesma and Marieke Dirksen (KNMI/TU Delft) came to that conclusion.