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02 July 2019

NSO funds earth observation projects from Susan Steele Dunne and Stef Lhermitte

The Netherlands Space Office recently funded two CEG earth observation projects, regarding respectively global vegetation water dynamics form radar satellite data (Susan Steele Dunne) and ice shelf instability in Antarctica (Stef Lhermitte).

26 June 2019

Mobilizing young researchers and citizen scientists to close water data gaps

Young researchers and citizen scientists can and should be systematically mobilized with a common mobile data collection platform to help close ‘water data gaps’, says Jeffrey Davids. He defended his PhD-thesis on this subject on Thursday June 13th at TU Delft.

21 June 2019

Iceland 2019 blog

GRS is back on Iceland for the yearly fieldwork! The equipment has already had a long journey as the devices were sent by boat. Students and staff travelled to Reykjalid as well to measure what is happening at the Krafla and Bjarnaflag areas in the middle north of Iceland. Via their blog you can read all about the activities and everything we do there, so keep posted!

18 June 2019

Ramon Hanssen in various media about sinkholes

Ramon Hanssen was interviewed in various Dutch media about sinkholes.

24 May 2019

Vidi grants for cloud research and energy storage

Two researchers of the faculty of CEG, Louise Nuijens and Hadi Hajibeygi, have been awarded a Vidi grant by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). This grant offers them the possibility of developing their own line of research and building their own research group.

22 April 2019

GRS research in various media

10 April 2019

Exhibition Panorama Mesdag in various media

Various media have focused on the exhibition and the measurements:

10 April 2019

TU Delft publishes vision on Climate Action

The climate is changing and this is something we shall have to deal with. What TU wants to contribute is written down in a vision paper published today.

09 April 2019

Zonder Indonesië geen TU Delft

De oprichting van de TU Delft moet gezien worden als een gevolg van de Nederlandse activiteiten in Indonesië. Dat concludeert ir. Huib Ekkelenkamp (69), die dinsdag 9 april promoveerde op de rol van de Nederlandse aanwezigheid in Indonesië bij de ontwikkeling van de geodesie in Nederland.

28 March 2019

Did Mesdag ‘forget’ to paint part of Scheveningen?

Bij het schilderen van zijn Panorama in 1881, lijkt Hendrik Willem Mesdag een stuk van Scheveningen vergeten te hebben.