Doctoral thesis defence

On October 4th, 2021, Han Dun successfully defended his doctoral thesis ‘High Accuracy Terrestrial Positioning Based on Time Delay and Carrier Phase Using Wideband Radio Signals’ for a committee of five independent expert-members, three of which from abroad and two from TU Delft, and his two promotors. After the ‘hora est’, the committee was unanimous and outspoken in awarding the doctoral degree to Han Dun. Congratulations!

The PhD-thesis of Han Dun is available through the TU Delft repository.

GPS without satellites - Zelfrijdend zonder brokken (in Dutch)
Interview by Amanda Verdonk with Christian Tiberius and Gerard Janssen in 'De Ingenieur'
De Ingenieur, No 11, November 2020, Volume 132
publication by the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) - The Hague

The interview was taken, in September, while we were deploying and testing the prototype system at The Green Village, the outdoor living lab on the TU Delft campus. Transmitters were fixed to six roadside lampposts and positioning experiments were carried out with a receiver both in static and kinematic mode.

SuperGPS - super accurate positioning via optical network
In December 2020 a short interview by Jan Michielsen was published as a SURF use case: SuperGPS - super accurate positioning via optical network.

SuperGPS prototype at test at The Green Village
In August and September 2020 several tests were carried-out with the SuperGPS-prototype at The Green Village, which is a living outdoor lab at the TU Delft campus.