Ir. L. (Laura) Muntjewerf


My main interest is in climate science. Currently as a PhD candidate in the ERC-CoupledIceClim project, I focus on cryosphere-climate interactions.


  • MSc. in Climate Studies - track meteorology, Wageningen University. Thesis on biases in the land-surface parameterization in EC-Earth. Internship at Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares and KNMI on atmospherically generated water-level fluctuations in Lake IJssel.
  • BSc. in Environmental Studies, Utrecht University. Thesis on economic incentives to reduce CO2 emissions; cap-and-trade scheme versus carbon taxes.


The CoupledIceClim project assesses the future evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) on the centennial time scale and its contribution to sea level rise.

In order to improve our understanding of interactions between the ice sheet and climate system, we use the global climate model Community Earth System Model (CESM2). This model includes a bi-directional coupling with an ice sheet model (CISM). Features of interest are a.o. the impact of a changing ice sheet topography on atmospheric circulation patterns and the impact of an increase in the melt water flux on the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation.

Educational activities

  • Dynamics (CTB1210)
  • Climate change and ethics (CIE4510)

Laura Muntjewerf

PhD candidate

Availability: Mon-Fri

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