R.A. (Ramses) Molijn


Through innovative technologies we can know more about ourselves and the world around us. It is my passion and ambition to research and develop those technologies that benefit society and our environment. Remote sensing and improving renewable energy sources can serve this purpose.

But there is more to work… it should also be said though that I enjoy playing tennis, soccer, surfing, beach volley, playing piano (although I am not particularly very good at these), running/cycling/swimming (here I perform better), and following the news, talking about geo-politics, enjoying churrascos, laughing with kids, and travelling (here I excel).

Research themes

  • Remote Sensing
  • Land Cover Monitoring


Remote Sensing, Big Data and Near-Real-Time Land Cover Change Monitoring, that is in a nutshell what we work with.
Increasing the production of bio-fuels from crops requires more land or more productive plants, usually both. With remote sensing data we aim to measure the expansion of sugarcane, a dominant bio-energy crop, and estimate the productivity parameters, with Brazil serving as our main study area. Radar observations can complement optical observations when unavailable due to clouds allowing Near-Real-Time land cover and characterization maps. Our output is the input for groups that focus on the socio-economic and sustainability effects that follow from increasing demands on bio-fuel production.

Key publications

  • Molijn, R.A., Iannini, L., Mousivand, A., Hanssen, R.F.
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  • Iannini, L., Molijn, R.A., Hanssen, R.F.
    Integration of multispectral and C-band SAR data for crop classification
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  • Molijn, R.A., Lindenbergh, R.C., Gunter, B.C.
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  • Olla, P.
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