Y. (Yi) Dai


I received my master degree in track of Environmental Science in 2020 from TU Delft. At the same year, I start my PhD program at the department of Geoscience and Remote sensing in the project of “Clarity on Fruit frost” under the supervision of Bas van de Wiel. My main interests in this project is to quantify the efficiency of engineering method used as frost mitigation using numerical simulation. I am interested in atmospheric modelling and boundary layer meteorology.


The topic of my PhD research is “Clarity on fruit frost”. This is a multidisciplinary project. It requires better understanding of frost mechanisms, plants physiology and their responses to various frost mitigation methods such as wind machines, paraffin pots and sprinkling. In order to better understand underlying physical mechanisms and quantify warming efficiency, both outdoor experiments and numerical simulations are carried out. 

Yi Dai

PhD candidate

Geoscience and Remote Sensing

Monday to Friday