Dr. M.A. (Marc) Schleiss


Dr. Marc Schleiss is an Assistant Professor in the Geoscience & Remote Department at TU-Delft. He graduated in Applied Mathematics in 2008 at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) and obtained his PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering at EPFL in 2012. Before coming to Delft, Marc spent 3 years in the Hydrometeorology Group at Princeton University in the United States.


Marc’s research activities mainly focus on 3 key themes:

  1. precipitation microphysics: raindrop size distributions and their retrievals from ground-based and spaceborne weather radars
  2. extreme rain and flooding: space-time structures of rainfall systems, their predictibility, sensitivity to climate change and effect on the hydrological response.
  3. opportunistic rainfall sensing: citizen rain gauges, microwave links and probabilistic merging of rainfall measurements

Educational activities

  • CIE4603-16 Geo-signal analysis
  • CTB3366 Rainfall in the City
  • CIE5703 Urban Climate & Hydrology (2 guest lectures)
  • AESB2440 Geostatistics & Remote Sensing (field work)


Since January 2017, Marc is the TU-Delft project coordinator of project MUFFIN (Multiscale Urban Flood Forecasting), which aims to improve rainfall estimation and flood forecasting in urban areas. More information

Marc Schleiss

Assistant Professor

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