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Postdoc Atmospheric Remote Sensing

The goal of this postdoc will be to improve the very short-term forecasting of precipitation (up to 2h ahead) using operational data provided by the Dutch National C-band radar network and mesoscale numerical weather prediction model HARMONIE. To achieve this, the candidate will perform research on the following two key components:

  • Performance evaluation of the current operational radar nowcasting model for the Netherlands at different lead times and for different subregions (e.g., urban vs rural).
  • Development of a new, state-of-the-art probabilistic radar-rainfall forecasting scheme based on the merging of high-resolution radar rainfall estimates, in-situ measurements and coarse-scale outputs of NWP. Particular emphasis will be given to improving the prediction of heavy localized rainfall events and the probabilistic forecasting of convection using physical guidance from the NWP.