Departmental Support

The department is supported by the following persons.


Eefke Copper

Secretary Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risk

  • Room number: 3.73.1

Presence: Tue, Wed, Thu

Petra Jorritsma

Executive Secretary Department Hydraulic Engineering

Mon - Fri

Marysa Dunant

Management Assistant Offshore Engineering

Presence: Mon-Fri

Otti Kievits

Management Assistant

Presence: Mon - Fri

Inge van Rooij

Secretary Coastal Engineering and Ports and Waterways

Presence: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Marlene Ammerlaan-Kalkman

Management assistent Hydraulic Engineering and Flood Risk

Presence: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri

Sandra Verkouter

Management Assistant Ports and Waterways & Offshore Engineering

Presence: Mon, Tue, Thu

Other Support Staff

Drs. Mariette van Tilburg

Department coördinator PhD’s / Erasmus Mundus CoMEM / Erasmus Mundus EMMAsia 2014

Presence: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Drs. Leni Wasmus

Special projects

Presence: Mon, Tue


Victor Gallardo Torres

Webmaster of Hydraulic Engineering

Presence: irregular