Dike failure Wilnis (August 2003).
Dr.ir. Stefan van Baars, researcher in our section, was quoted in several news media after the failure of a dike in Wilnis during the night following Monday August 25th, after an unprecedented period of drought.

The coast and big rivers (Cement, June, 2003).
Prof. Vrijling and prof. Stive give their views on two phenomena that will have a great inpact on the Netherlands: sea level rise and increasing river discharges.

Hydraulic Research (Cement, June, 2003).
In the article "Waterbouwkundig onderzoek" (hydraulic research) by Prof. Marcel Stive and Dr. Hessel Voortman , a short impression is given upon three topics that are studied within our Section of Hydraulic Research. The first part is about the ARGUS-video measurements of the Dutch coast, the second about the impact of greenhouse effect on the Wadden-sea in the North of the Netherlands. The third article describes the results of a doctoral study on risk analysis of water defence systems. 

Sandbars in Motion (Science, April 2003).
Nearshore surf zones are turbulent places. Yet despite the apparently chaotic nature of the sea surface in these areas, sandbars often show complex patterns with an intricate structure. In their Perspective, Marcel J.F. Stive and Ad J.H.M. Reniers  discuss recent efforts to understand how these patterns form. They highlight the report by Hoefel and Elgar, who consider a new transport mechanism based on flow acceleration within the waves. This mechanism should help to improve the predictability of sandbar structures.

Baywatch guards sand bars (Volkskrant, March 2003).
Coastal morphology will never be the same. Waves influence sand bars in a totally different way as was assumed until now. Suppletion of extra sand has to be done in a different way.

Strolling sand bars (NRC Handelsblad, March 2003).
In heavy weather, a sand bar in the surf zone moves further in sea; in calm weather, it moves back. Thanks to cameras on beaches, this phenomenon is understood now.

Nobody to be blamed for disadvantages Deltaworks  (Cobouw, January 2003).
The Deltaworks in the Netherlands were constructed to protect the inhabitants of Zeeland and Zuid-Holland sufficiently against the sea. There was accomplished a lot on the topic of hydraulic engineering. Unfortunately, the disadvantages with respect to the quality of water and environment become clear.

Storm surge 1953. Kees Bezuyen relates (Delta, January 2003).
Kees Bezuyen
, staff lecturer in our section, relates on his efforts at that time to protect the dikes against the devastating water.

Agema and Verruijt comment on the storm surge of 1953 (Delta, January 2003).
Professor Agema
and professor Verruijt comment on the storm surge and hydraulic engineering in subsequent years.

Risk analysis of water defence systems (Delta, January 2003).
Background information on the risk analysis of large water defence systems is given by Hessel Voortman, former scientific researcher at Delft University.

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