10 September 2020

Multidisciplinary Project Proposal, CE Consultancy Project 2020-2021

Polder2C’s levee challenge: Design and test an innovative repair for a damaged levee.

21 August 2020

New staff member: Burhan Yildiz

Mr Burhan Yildiz has been working as a researcher and lecturer in the area of Hydraulics for more than 14 years. His desire to help people control rivers against disastrous outcomes and make everyone reach clean water triggered his motivation of hydraulics research. He is also a lover of mathematical calculations and mechanics and has pure joy when teaching the subjects to the students.

06 July 2020

Delft model protects wind turbines from risks posed by sea ice

Researcher Hayo Hendrikse (CEG) has developed a new model that gives accurate calculations of the effects of sea ice on offshore structures, such as wind turbines and oil and gas platforms. It turns out that ice causes less wear and tear in these structures than was previously assumed. Thanks to a successful partnership with Siemens Gamesa, Hendrikse's model is now being used in the construction of new offshore wind farms.

30 June 2020

Historic floods reveal how salt marshes can save lives in the future

Coastal wetlands like salt marshes are increasingly recognized as valuable natural defenses that protect coasts against strong wave attacks.

31 March 2020

Graduations from April 6

Click here to read the current rules due to the coronavirus, for students who graduate from April 6 and for whom the graduation date has already been scheduled.

12 March 2020

New Department Chair of Hydraulic Engineering

Professor Stefan Aarninkhof is the new Department Chair of Hydraulic Engineering as of 1 March 2020. He takes over the activities of professor Wim Uijttewaal, who has led the department for four years.

12 March 2020

Into the mud to help nature

PhD candidate Lodewijk de Vet stood in the mud for weeks, in order to learn about organisms in the seabed and to take measurements. He wants to understand the Eastern and Western Scheldt better, so that he can help the ecology while simultaneously protecting our country from rising sea levels. His understanding of these areas served as a foundation for the Roggenplaat nourishments, that have since been executed.

26 February 2020

TU Delft Delta Links

The new DeltaLinks are available [Dutch only].

18 February 2020

Can sandbanks save mangrove forests?

Waking up early and going into the field on a small fishermen's boat, while the sun is rising behind volcano tops. That's how days started for PhD student Silke Tas during her two month fieldwork in Indonesia. The rest of her days were less idyllic: they consisted mostly of treading through the mud to get the right measurements for her research. She studies the workings of coastal sandbanks that give a chance to mangrove forests to restore, so that the forests can, in turn, prevent coast erosion.

16 February 2020

Waiting for the perfect storm

For months hydraulic engineer Patrick Oosterlo has been waiting for a heavy storm. One that can truly test his equipment that was installed in and on a dike on the coast of the eastern Wadden Sea. He needs high waves and strong winds to decide: is this dike high enough?