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20 January 2019

New Director of Studies and member of Board of examiners from Hydraulic Engineering Department

Tjerk Zitman is the new director of studies of Civil Engineering and Kristina Reinders is a new member of the Board of Examiners. Congratulations!

20 January 2019

Oceanograp­hers in the wake of My Little Ponies

Oceanograp­hers in the wake of My Little Ponies

The shipping crates that fell from a container ship in the North Sea last week could be a blessing in disguise for oceanographers.

02 January 2019

Ileen van den Berg wins 'KNW scriptieprijs'

The 'Waternetwerk Scriptieprijs' is awarded every year during the KNW Autum Congress. It is initiated to help HBO- and WO-students to profile themselves in the water sector. The Master's prize 2018 has been won by Ileen van den Berg for her thesis 'Effect of irregularities in the under layer on the stability of XblocPlus concrete armour unit'.

03 December 2018

Marcel Stive receives Jiangsu Friendship Award

In September, Marcel Stive received the Jiangsu Friendship Award from the governor of the province of Jiangsu (China).

23 November 2018

TU Delft researchers visit Great Barrier Reef to rehabilitate coral

TU Delft researchers visit Great Barrier Reef to rehabilitate coral

This week a team of researchers from TU Delft, Van Oord and Australia’s national science agency CSIRO are travelling to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia to test a new method for the large-scale rehabilitation of coral.

09 November 2018

Deltacongres 2018

On the first of November, the ninth edition of the delta congress took place in Zwolle. At the congress it was busier than ever.

01 October 2018

Nomination for Dutch Data Price 2018

During summer, the jury of the Dutch Data price 2018 have reviewed almost 50 submissions and the HANZE dataset (Historical Analysis of Natural Hazards in Europe) has been nominated as one of the nine contestents. This dataset is from reseacher Dominik Paprotny who published a paper on this dataset.

01 October 2018

New staff member: Alissa Albrecht

Allisa Albrecht is a new staff member at the department of Hydraulic Engineering. In this article, She introduces herself shortly:

26 September 2018

Sand Motor as continuous field laboratory for teaching and research

Sand Motor as continuous field laboratory for teaching and research

The Sand Motor, a large-scale peninsula comprising 21 million cubic metres of sand created on the coast at Kijkduin-Ter Heijde, has become a leading example worldwide of sustainable coastal protection. How is nature developing here, how are the dunes being replenished, and what is happening to the coastline? To answer these questions we need high-quality measuring equipment to continually monitor the coastline here. Thanks to financial support from Stichting Zabawas, the Sand Motor has now become a field laboratory for teaching and research in hydraulic engineering.

09 September 2018

New MOOC: Introduction to Water and Climate

Water is a crucial element in climate and for society. Find out about the latest engineering interventions for water management in rivers, coasts and the urban environment.

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