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08 August 2016

High school students build dikes during Geo week

High school students build dikes during Geo week

During the Geo week - which took place from the 23rd until the 27th of May - high school students have participated in the masterclass "Building Dikes". It took place in the waterlab of this faculty. Every morning and afternoon, thirty high school students got to work in small groups with their dike designs, curious to test them to see if they worked.

07 August 2016

EU Vice-President Mr. Timmermans visits TUDelft fieldlabs

Tuesday June 14. Delft University of Technology welcomed Mr. Frans Timmermans, First Vice- President of the European Commission and responsible for sustainable development and ‘better regulation’. Mr. Timmermans was interested to learn about the latest ground-breaking innovations that are being developed, built and tested in the field of climate change and circular economy at TU Delft campus.

03 May 2016

Erik Mosselman: member Of the Scientific Council of the Estuary of the Loire

On March 10, the prefect of the Pays de la Loire region in France appointed Erik Mosselman as a member of the Scientific Council of the Estuary of the Loire.

03 May 2016

New online course: Closure Works

Closure Works, a new online Professional Education Course (ProfEd) will start June 7th.

21 March 2016

Scientists sailed 200km across Pacific Ocean to study the ancient Marshallese art of ‘wave reading’

18 March 2016

Delft scientists recreate Alcatraz escape

18 March 2016

Jack Hogan (Student Flood Management) speaker at Water Summit at the White House

Currently studying Flood Management at TU Delft in the Netherlands, has been invited to participate in the Water Summit at the White House on March 22nd , 2016.

09 February 2016

Prof. Bas Jonkman new member of the Advisory Committee Water (AcW)

On the 10th of February, Prof. S.N. (Bas) Jonkman has been appointed as member of the Advisory Committee Water (Adviescommissie Water)

13 January 2016

Documentary NOS "100 years of dry feet''

Dutch people have great trust in our flood protection. However, around 57 percent of the Dutch people doesn't feel informed enough about the actual flood risks in Holland. In response to the survey, a documentary "100 years of dry feet" was made by the NOS. Professor S.N. (Bas) Jonkman is an honoured guest and will respresent the TU Delft in this documentary. Tonight at 21:10 on NPO 2 and


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