Bregje Wesenbeeck

Dr. B.K. van Wesenbeeck is an expert advisor on nature-based flood risk mitigation and on integrated ecosystem analyses. She possesses a multidisciplinary background encompassing both ecosystem and physical process knowledge that enables her to unravel complex system behavior that leads to coastal erosion or ecosystem deterioration. She has been working for more than 5 years in projects where ecosystem services are used to obtain goals in water management, for instance using salt marshes and oyster reefs for coastal protection. Currently, she is also focusing on restoration of mangrove mud coastlines. She is well-acquainted with possible solutions in muddy environments ranging from engineered measures, such as breakwaters and seawalls, to ecosystem-based solutions, such as mangrove planting or other mangrove restoration techniques. She shares her knowledge in teaching courses and giving lectures regularly both in the Netherlands and abroad and has a still growing publication list in peer-reviewed journals.

Bregje Wesenbeeck

Researcher of Coastal Ecology and Water Management

Presence: irregular

Secondary company: Deltares

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